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Airdrop unlock cost:  5 MMS = 0.01 BNB (tokens are locked for 90 days after unlocking payment).
Pre-sale price: 5 MMS = 0.02 BNB (no lock period).
Referral payout: 10% of all the associated payment in BNB.

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Protocol for Common Wealth Generation

Built upon the power of MoonMaker algorithm and decentralization values, we aim to create a framework for common individuals to profit from the algorithm’s trading returns. Proceeds from airdrop unlock and pre-sale events are allocated for algorithm trading following our battle-tested and proven strategy. 

Venture Capitalist for Common Individuals

With our growing network and reputation within the crypto industry, we may from time to time decide to utilize proceeds and profits to invest in different crypto projects at early stage. This has been a privilege well-preserved for accredited investors (i.e: rich folks).  
We believe in the future of financial fairness and we are proud to take a small step towards abolishing the current financial world’s ugly order. With our quarterly buy-back and token burn rounds, profits are distributed back to the common individuals holding $MMS.

Quarterly Buy-back and Token Burn

On quarterly basis, with profits from algorithm trading, we will conduct buy-back and token burn rounds. This will help to raise value of $MMS in the long term.

Token Allocation

Ticker: (MMS)
Total Supply: 20,000,000 $MMS
Out of which:
– 5 million $MMS (25%) for community airdrop.
– 5 million $MMS (25%) for pre-sale events.
– 5 million $MMS (25%) for team & advisors.
– 5 million $MMS (25%) for liquidity providers, marketing and promotion activities.